Best In Show Artbook

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Best in Show art anthology book made in 2018 featuring some very talented individuals who are all drawing adorable to sexy dog girls, a dog competition you’ll WANT to see! All to celebrate the year of the dog.


Best in Show

8.5 x 11 inch

Hard cover

52 pages total

31 full color glossy pages of original art


Best in Show: After Bark 18+

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8.5 x 11 inch

Soft cover

32 pages total

23 full color glossy pages of original art


Books will be shipped in a plain white box.


19 talented artists featured in this zine:

Hensa, Buxbi, Cherri, Cake, Rishi, QueenAshi  Fireflufferz, Slugbox, Avante92, CoffeeChicken, Spazzy Koneko, HobbsMeerkat, 3Mangos (now known as Chromapan), Nite, Jeibon, AWD!, Lizbie, Suzibean